Saturday, June 11, 2016

May Blog Post by Preston Frank

Invocation to the Muse, by Preston Frank

Intro: I wrote this just as a joke, not meant to be taken as a serious idea for an epic poem. To improve the piece I could have described Rick differently, other than just saying "the best trumpet player in the world". I also could improve the invocation by describing the monsters and traps he must overcome in better detail.

O muse, I give an invocation to you:                                   
Rick Zhou, a hero in his time,
the best trumpet player in the world.
Called upon by the wealth from near and far,
to perform at parties and ceremonies.
Rick is commissioned by the king,
to play at his grand ball.
On his way to the ceremony, however,
Rick must overcome many traps and monsters.
Who will help him on his quest;
tell me Muse, does Rick make it there alive?

June Blog Post by Preston Frank

Preston Frank, p.2

Intro: This piece is important to me because, if I look at it next year, I will know to take my younger self's advice. My goal for writing this is to learn from previous mistakes and make better choices in the future. I'd like to improve this letter in the future by writing an updated version at the beginning or end of next school year.

End of the Year Future Me Letter
To Preston,
This upcoming year, my sophomore year of highschool, I want to do something. I feel like this school year was very unmemorable. I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, I didn’t make that many new friends, and I got average grades. In my sophomore year I want to do something school-related that will be memorable, and will leave a positive impact on my life. I will hopefully be a part of the school’s water polo team, and I hope to place at least on the freshman-sophomore team. I want to make new friends; not that I don’t like the friends I already have, but I want to meet new people. This being said, I’m excited for my classes next year, and hope there is an even balance of classes with people I already know and classes with people I have yet to meet. Hopefully next year there will be clubs I am interested in joining, although police explorers is going well for me at the moment.
[i] glhf [/i],


Monday, June 6, 2016

Sherene Tajdini Reflective essay

Give your piece a title. Write a 1-2 sentence reflective introduction to your written piece (discuss the subject, your goals for writing the piece and how you'd like to improve the piece or what makes you proud of the piece) Paste the written piece here.

This is my reflective essay about what i thought of my English 1 Honors class and how i felt about it. I also discuss the things this class has helped me improve in and what strategies we use in this class that i enjoyed and felt helped me

Through the projects and written compositions we’ve done this year, i believe that i have tremendously grown as a writer, technology user, technology learner, team player and most importantly a student. My experiences this year in English 1 Honors have influenced the way i understand my own work ethics in many ways. I have learned that i am a very visual person so in order for me to understand what we are learning, i need someone to show me an example of how to do it. I have also discovered that when i use flashcards to study, the results are much better than if i were to use any other method. I found these things out about my own work ethics through doing activities, projects, homework and classwork within my English 1 honors class. I have learned that my writing process can be either a very slow process or fast process, but to have better results it takes me some time. Now i know to always give myself plenty of time to write to my best extent. My ability to work with others has always been my strong suit, but i definitely believe that the activities we’ve done this year has been a major fact as to why i am the way i am with people in a classroom environment. I have always enjoyed working with others, i believe that i work best with a group and thankfully we did a lot of that this year in English 1 Honors, hopefully we continue to do that in all the upcoming years. Overall, this year i really feel fully prepared going into English 2 Honors and i am ready to learn the many new things as the year unfolds!

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Reflective Essay-Grace S.

I tried to make my writing piece structured. I was also aiming to use smooth sentences
Reflective Essay
In the beginning of my freshman year, I wasn’t really sure where I was at in terms of a writer. I have realized throughout this year that I am not good at conveying what I think on paper. I have great analysis and storytelling abilities, but I find it more difficult finding strategies to present them smoothly. This year, I learned better ways to illustrate my points in my commentary by following a specific format. I don’t really see myself as a technology user and I’m still learning a lot about technology.
I find myself as a student most of the time, still learning about the vast writing world. English 1 Honors has motivated me to prepare myself ahead of time for class and school in general. In groups, I participate, but most of the time I try to allow other people to share and step up. I care too much for people in groups and sometimes push quiet people to talk too much. In my writing, I usually like starting with bullet points to list my ideas, order of events, or points. Then I spend time explaining or describing each bullet point which I like to call “adding icing on the cake”.
The projects and writing compositions have also taught me how to be a faster thinker and has helped me write better in less time. This year in general was fun because of all the projects and socratic seminars we had. I especially enjoyed how some of the conversations turned into intense debates. I especially liked the debate about whether women should be payed the same as men. I mostly enjoyed this year due to the amount of engagement in the class.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Broken Pieces - Misha Seifi

The subject of my found poem is how Celeana Sardothien, the main protagonist in the novel Throne of Glass, felt while dueling Cain, the main antagonist, and I mainly focused on her feeling of darkness. I want to improve on making my poetry longer.

Broken Pieces
By Misha Seifi

Her blood
twisted with rage and anguish
but nothing
through the frozen pain
her apart,
piece by piece.

Future Me by Taylor Urick

I chose to share my Future me essay because I wanted my peers to hear the goals I had set for myself. In this piece I wrote to myself so I could see if I achieved my goals.
Future Me Letter
Dear Taylor,
I was very nervous to start high school. The whole thought of me being the youngest in a whole new, bigger school scared me. However the first day came and since then I have never had a problem. If you didn’t know my brother was a senior this year so I knew all the “big kids” which made the fear minimize. As for friends I did not have the best of luck. I had already started drifting away from my core friend group in 8th grade. Starting out freshman year I drifted even more. If I could say, high school really changes people. Some for the better but most turn into someone you have never seen before. I had one best friend and she stuck with me through everything. She and I met in 3rd grade and since then we had been best friends. She and I were both excluded by our so called “friends” so we decided to just shake it off and stick it just the two of us. However recently our relationship went downhill fast. We got into 2 big arguments that pretty much destroyed our relationship. I haven't talked to her in 2 months. This has been a hard time for me but in the process I met 3 amazing people who I now can proudly call my best freinds. All of us are very similar and we understand each other on a deeper level. Next year I hope to remain friends with these fine ladies. I also hope that I found a solid group of good people that I trust. I hope I actually Went out on weekends instead of staying home with my mother.  Also next year I am considering trying out for ASB, so i could involve myself with the school more. As of right now I am a very shy person and I think that joining clubs will give me that little push that i will need in order to become an outgoing person. If that doesn’t work out I am going to be the President of a non-profit organization called Opportunity to Play. We collect new and gently used sports equipment and donate it to children in need. Next year I would like to spread the word about my organization and try to get  more kids involved with helping out the community. Last but not least boys, you gotta love them. Next year I really hope I don’t have a boyfriend. Even though some days I really wish I had one I know that deep down I am not ready. School and my sport should be my focus, not boys. Freshman year was fun but I hope sophomore year was even better. I always wanted to transfer schools and right now I have no idea where I want to go, but in the case that I did end up transferring I hope that I am happy.

Christopher H.

I wrote this piece from the heart to talk to my future self. Here it is!

Dear Christopher, June 2nd, 2016

This year was really a learning year for us. Next year is going to be a fresh start, and I know that we are going to try our hardest to bring these high “B” grades up to “A’s.” At the beginning of the year, I tried out for soccer, and the coach was extremely bias toward the kids and failed to see my potential. When I started playing at the young age of 6, one of my goals was to make it on my high school soccer team, and I did not achieve that. Even though I wanted to think that life’s not fair, I looked at the positive side that everything happens for a reason. Not making it into soccer lead me to join Beckman’s Track and Field program,  and I could not be happier. My goal for us is to apply this saying for our entire life, and through this I found that I really got to know myself better. At school, most of my teachers genuinely cared about my education and myself. I felt like I had a real bond with them. However, my Ancient Civilizations teacher Mrs. Boone and I didn’t particularly get along very well. Her ethics and morals were off and I found myself not enjoying her class. It was the first class of the day, and although I really enjoy all of my other classes, this was one I was happy to get done for the day. Our classes next year are going to be tough, but knowing us, we will get through it. Even though there will be a lot on your plate next year with a combination of clubs, classes, and sports, I am hoping to enjoy my sophomore year and just my youth in general while I still have it. We’ll also make new friends and memories along the way, which is one of the biggest things I look forward to. Future me, have fun next year bud and I can’t wish you enough good luck!

  • Christopher, Freshman